Additional Services

Additional Services

Responsive Websites

In today's world everyone is using desktop PC’s, mobile phones and tablets to surf the web.  Websites used to be designed that you viewed them on your desktop and should you want to see the same website on your mobile or tablet, you would have to scroll around the screen.  Modern technology has made the world wide web more accessible therefore your website has to move with the times too. A responsive web design is an approach to design aimed at crafting the sites to provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience.  You will be able to read and navigate a website easily on your mobile or tablet with minimum resizing or scrolling and menus are resized accordingly. Get in touch Intense Web Design  to discuss this additional ad-on to your chosen package.

 Social Media Integration

Social media is a a group of internet-based applications that allows people to create, share or exchange (and sell) information and ideas (pictures/videos) in virtual communities (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are among the most popular). You are in fact networking online.  Feeling overwhelmed with keeping up to date with all the variations of social media out there?  Speak to Intense Web Design and we will help you to prioritise which platforms to focus on that will fit in with your business’ target audience and brand positioning.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an essential element of any marketing strategy.  You have to be specific with your outcomes of the campaign as they vary substantially from communicating with current clients / customers, building new relationships with prospects and can also be used for gathering important data.  Your target market varies, therefore your message has to be clear in each campaign.  Get in touch with us today to see how we can facilitate your campaign or integrate them into your website!!

THE PERFECT WEBSITE.....DO'S AND DONT'S....DO incorporate your brand colours, do plan out your design on paper first, do speak to Intense Web Design and discuss your target audience, do keep it simple for your customers to navigate and understand what/who you are about. DON'T use a multitude of colours so your audience is distracted by what you offering or telling them, don't post long uninteresting paragraphs that go nowhere, don't make it hard for people to find the basics and most importantly, don't be fooled that anyone can design a professional website, so call Intense Web Design today!


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