Your business identification

Many business owners don't spend enough time figuring out how they want to identify their business. This is done by making use of a logo, which is the visual representation that you use on your company stationary.  It is your identity which creates a first impression of your business or company. It also gives you a professional appearance, showing you have taken the time to be unique.

How it's done

By briefing Intense Web Designs with any existing colours you may have, your business message any research you have done, this will allow us to create a logo which is:

  • Appropriate - unique to your business and industry
  • Memorable - you want people to remember your business when they see your logo
  • Timeless - ideally you don't want to have to rebrand every year!
  • Simple - uncluttered, clean designs are easier to remember
  • Versatile - so you can use it on all your stationary, clothing and website

Logo design through Intense Web Design is aimed as a unique design for you to use for as long as your business needs it.

Think of the big brands, if you saw just a picture would you be able to name the product? Now think of your business, how do you want people to remember you? An effective logo design by Intense Web Design will help you find your place in the market. First impressions last, so get the professionals to help you find your corporate identity.

A Sample Of Some Of Our Logo Designs!