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Ideally for start up and small businesses wanting an online presence.

HTML Package Overview


  • 4 Pages
  • 4 Royalty Free Images
  • Integrated Contact Form


Needing an online presence but you don't require your content updated regularly.

HTML Package Overview


  • 8 Pages
  • 8 Royalty Free Images
  • Integrated Contact Form
  • Social Media Icons


Need to show off your business as a brochure or portfolio.

HTML Package Overview


  • 15 Pages
  • 30 Royalty Free Images
  • Integrated Contact Form
  • Social Media Icons
  • Photo Gallery

HTML Website Design for a quick online presence.....

You are just starting up and you don't really have to much to say, but you desperate to have an online presence.  HTML websites designed by Intense Web Design are an excellent choice for a quick online 'brochure' like website to get you going. Most browsers (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer / Edge and Firefox all support HTML, meaning your website will be viewed easily by your audience. Speak to Intense Web Design today!

Start up and small businesses

Static Websites (also known as HTML websites) are ideal for start up and small businesses wanting to get an online presence simply and cost effectively. The easiest way to develop a html/static website is to transform your sales material (brochures) into online material. Should you not have marketing material, Intense Web Design will happily put together a sample for you. An html/static website does not include selling features (e-commerce), newsletters, mailing lists, blogging or RSS feeds. If these are features you require, talk to us about our ‘smart’ websites. HTML/Static websites normally consists of at least 5 pages, but this may vary according to your business needs.

More Information

Static Websites are easier to build from scratch using your marketing material as a guide. Should you prefer a new look, we can re-brand your company's marketing material (at an additional cost) and make use of that for your new website.

They are faster to build because we don’t have to deal with PHP and databases therefore making them cheaper than a Dynamic Website. This is why Intense Web Design recommend Static Websites for small or start up businesses that will not be selling online or wanting to change their online information regularly.

Static Websites are also good if you want your website page to load quickly online. Not having any complex elements to it, your website will load quicker than a Dynamic Website. You will require Intense Web Design to make any changes to your website as the site is build using HTML code and there is no content management system for the customer to change data themselves.

Intense Web Design can offer various packages for your new website, including maintenance contracts to keep your website up to date, secure and current!




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