Domain Names

This is the first place to start when thinking of claiming your space on the web. Careful consideration must be applied when choosing a domain name, this can be your business name, a word that best describes what you offer or some prefer to use a name that would be used as a search word (e.g,  web designs).  All this helps towards the Search Engine Optimisation and site ranking for your website.

Sometimes it is good to register two domain names and use the one as a website and ‘point’ the others to your website (e.g. / and You can also purchase spelling variations of your domain name and Intense Web Design can help you choose or advise you on your domain name to help maximise the success of your website. We register both local and international domain extensions eg. .com, .uk, .net, .za, .biz, .org  etc.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is needed to put your website on-line and we can offer various hosting packages as we know that websites are not the same. The most common choices are as follows:

Shared hosting – involves sharing space on a web server with other websites.  This is considered more economical than dedicated hosting as the cost of the server maintenance is shared.

Dedicated hosting – involves leasing an entire server, which is not shared with any other client. It offers greater flexibility and gives you more control over your choice of operating system and server hardware.

Some of the following should be taken into consideration in order to chose the correct web hosting package for your website.

Web space – the size of your website meaning the amount of pages, images and video’s will determine how much space you need. This could be anything from 100MB to Unlimited.

Bandwidth – when visitors hit your website, data will be transferred and for this to take place you will need bandwidth. The amount required depends on the traffic to your site.

Databases – if your website is driven by a database you will have features like, a login area or on-line shop and how many databases you require will need to be determined.

Mailboxes – the amount of mailboxes (e-mail accounts) will depend on your business needs and we can offer anything from 2 – unlimited mailbox accounts.

Hosting Based On Reliable, Trusted Technology.