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Getting an online presence

SEO, Website search engine submission, Directory listing etc. are separate services to website design and should never be confused or assumed for being one and the same. Unless you specifically request and pay for an SEO service / campaign none of our website designs automatically "include" this service, as is with most website design companies. Our websites are however built in the most effective way to allow to optimise SEO, if the content is written correctly.

Make the most of your new or existing website by SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. After a new website build one should consider an SEO campaign to getting your website known on the internet. However, companies should know that SEO is actually an ongoing marketing campaign for your business.

SEO....the buzz word to get your website found in the likes of Google. Check out the step by step guide to a Google friendly website There are a range of advice and services Intense Web Design can offer to get your website found.

How it's done

By continually updating and using some of these tried and testes initiatives, SEO will continually help your business to be ranked online:

  • Content, code and metatag optimisation
  • Keyword research, analysis and monitoring
  • Competitor analysis
  • Effective website copy-write
  • Web directory entry writing and submissions

SEO through Intense Web Design is intended as a long term business tool to get your website seen or selling.




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