5 Tips to Create Effective Web Design

It has nothing to do with magic

One of the most common practices to become a  good web designer is to create quality layouts. However, nobody becomes a good designer overnight. It takes time, practice and dedication. As a designer when you can deliver websites, banner, flyers that are noteworthy it will increase your clientèle and business. It will get you more client and publicity. In this post we will be discussing the elements of creating a websites that catches people’s attention.

Those who are pessimistic believe that they can reach the desired level, meaning being the best designer in their town. The optimistic web designers believe that tomorrow they will become the best designer in Universe, maybe divinity will help them but it is not enough. The best approach is to be confident and at the same time to work constantly. There is no magic, it is just about how dedicated you are to your work. To become an expert web designer passion is required, or else this dream has a very small chance of turning into reality. People can be born musician, soccer player  but nobody is born as a web designer. Most web designers acquire their skills by learning and practising. Therefore, the first rule to create amazing designs is to learn everything you can. The more you know the better you will get.

Images are your main tool

It is widely accepted that an image speaks better than 100 words hence a web designer that wants to stay apart must find the proper images. An image has a very powerful visual aspect. A websites with text only can be boring and conventional. Consider any newspaper websites, most of their online article consists at least one image. This allows the reader to visualize a mental image about their content. This rule applies for any kind of website.

The typography

Choosing the right font, aligning the paragraphs in a smart manner is a very crucial typographical element in any kind of design . Some web designers have the tendency to add many fonts or very particulars ones which are not the perfect solution. Indeed, to stay apart is mandatory but the quality of the layout should never be neglected, that is primordial. It is recommended to use (there is no rule, it depends on each project) no more than two fonts, one for the headlines and one for the written content, which should be readable. Using too many different font families create a chaos in your design and distracts the audience.

Usability should be your strong point

Usually, many web designers and developers forgets about the small details that create an accessible and usable website. Here are some examples of usability: back to top link, creating an useful footer linking you logo, adding correct titles on the pages and so on. A lot UX specialists bangs their head to create websites that can be easily used by humans! A visitor should not spend two minutes looking for you search box.

Test before launching

This is cannot be stretched enough. A good web designers carefully test their websites in the different platform and browsers. What may work your computer might not work on the clients. An unique design is different from the mental prototype of the user and any modification might put him in trouble . As a consequence, the testing is mandatory and is vital to detect everything wrong before launching. Without testing any project is an incomplete project.

In conclusion, creating a brilliant web layout is a challenging task but with many sleepless nights and talent, anyone may succeed, it is only a matter of inner force!

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