The Cost Of Logo Design

How much should i spend?

If you are looking for a Logo Design agency and have been requesting quotations you might be quite shocked at how expensive purchasing a logo for your business initially seems. It is true that online businesses usually charge less for their services due to the huge amount of competition on the web and the need to be competitive on price when other websites are only a few clicks away.

But why do logo design prices sometimes seem higher than expected?

You may think that the best thing to do would be to find the cheapest UK based logo design company on the web. For example some companies offer Business Logos of around £25! Now lets see how much time a designer could possible spend on a logo at that price. An experienced logo designer in the UK would probably want a minimum of £20 an hour. Plus a designer / agency will need to pay for licensed software, a good computer and the advertising / costs of ensuring that you can find them online through the search engines or other advertising platform. This all has to be added into the cost and so the cost of a designers wage alone would not cover the cost as business overheads would have to be considered.

So either you will receive a logo that is designed by a professional  UK designer who spent about 30 minutes on your logo or somebody who is not really educated / experienced in the design industry will be creating your Logo. So the real question must be is my company logo, the face of my Business worth more than £25 or 30 minutes!

It takes time and experience with company logos and an understanding of the Corporate Identity Design industry to create a logo that will really work for your Company. In truth it will take a well trained logo designer a minimum of a good day to create impressive and original initial logo concepts. You will then want to have the opportunity of revisions so that you can see any alterations that you might like at at no additional hidden extra cost.

If a designer says that they can provide you with a logo within 24 hours, then unless they are willing to drop all their other clients projects just for your logo, you are probably getting a rushed job. It takes time to develop an original identity and their is no short cut to this process.

So how much should I spend on a logo?

So as a guide as to how much should be spent on logo design services in the SA, a minimum of R499 to R759 for smaller businesses and somewhere from £759 – R1450 for a medium businesses. Larger corporate sized companies have much more demanding needs and would not be uncommon to spend in excess of R4000 and above. Some of the very large companies will spend thousands on their logo but this is not necessary for most corporate sized organisations unless they have huge available budgets with requirements for global branding research, etc.

There is of course no exact guide as services cannot be valued in the same way that products can be due to the value of customer service, level of professionalism, etc but the above would provide reasonable and realistic budgets for most designers to work with in order to provide a solution that a business can be proud of.

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